What is the biggest challenge that your business is currently facing?

In a survey of a range of businesses, the Insights Group identified the top 10 challenges that are common to businesses across a range of sizes and cultures.  So there is a pretty good chance that your biggest challenges can be found in this list below.  They are:

Business challenges aren't just black and white

  1. Increasing Profitability
  2. Retaining Talent
  3. Making Organisational Change
  4. Cost Reduction
  5. Changes in Personnel – People Joining
  6. Increasing Agility
  7. Getting the Best Out of Our People
  8. Generating Revenue
  9. Changes in Personnel – People Leaving
  10. Productive Relationships

In no particular order (where have we heard that before…) we are publishing a series of blogs considering one of these challenges and offering ideas on how the self-awareness offered by the Insights Discovery®  profile can be applied to each one.  As they are published, each one will be linked to the list above.

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