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We meet, listen, learn, observe, strategise, train, empower and implement change

We believe that training shouldn’t live in a world isolated from your business. We bring training alive and make it happen in the environment that matters – your workplace. At Performance Workplace Development, we have practical commercial experience and know that training needs to make a difference and earn a ‘Return On Investment’ for each organisation.

We recognise that the needs of every business are different and often unique. We work with clients to offer:

  • A range of on-site courses with the option of eLearning Support
  • Bespoke programmes developed in partnership with our clients focused on agreed areas for business growth
  • Strategies to maximise individual and team development
  • Leadership training and change management

Our approach
It’s about understanding a person’s value

There is something different about your organisation. A combination of your objectives, your history, your culture, your people, your geography, and your processes all combine to set you apart from others. You’ve probably identified an area that needs some focus. That’s why we’d like to listen to you, ask some questions and discuss some ideas before we suggest how we might assist you to move forward. On the basis of this discussion, if you like us and together we agree that there is potential for us to help you build performance, we’ll draft a proposal for you to review. Once we’ve reached agreement, we will work with you on an agreed timetable.

On our journey together – whether short or long-term – we aim to communicate openly as we work with you to develop your team and see them deliver performance growth.

Meet the team
We look forward to hearing from you

Ian Crossley – Director

Ian has a wealth of experience delivering training and facilitating team growth across a number of areas.

A common theme in various roles over the years has been transferring skills and encouraging personal and team development. He’s enjoyed working with senior executives in Government and the private sector, and successfully contributed to the development of new supervisors and younger leaders.

Ian listens and adapts to different national and organisational cultures, and looks for ways in which increased understanding can result in positive change in individuals and teams. He also facilitates performance development among organisations in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Ian leads a volunteer street team working in the night time economy of his local city centre.  He relaxes best on his small cruising catamaran which he keeps in the West Country.

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Cindy Crossley – Associate Consultant

Cindy has worked for a number of charities in administrative and operational management roles.  These have covered Event Management, Fundraising Strategy, and Communications Strategy. Her current responsibilities include Operations, Team and HR Management, with a recent emphasis on the legal and cultural implications of GDPR in an international charity.  She is currently Chair of Trustees of a local charitable trust (a watersports based activity centre) and has been Chair of Governors of a local school in the past.  She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach utilising CliftonStrengths® (formerly StrengthsFinder) and enjoys helping people and teams discover where they excel and using that awareness to realise their potential.  Cindy works on an associate basis for Performance – Workplace Development.

Cindy enjoys playing piano/keyboard, singing in a community choir and creative pursuits such as patchwork quilting and knitting.  Family and friends are very important to her and she loves the times she spends with her two gorgeous grandsons.

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Emily Halterman – Administrative Assistant

Emily originally trained in Midwifery and then worked as an editor in health publishing. She’s proved to be resourceful in office organisation and has demonstrated that in addition to her eagle-eyed editing, she’s a great copywriter. Emily’s love of the written word has led her to enrol in grammar and editing courses with the Publishing Training Centre. Emily volunteers with local youth groups and spends much of her free time chasing after her young daughter!

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Kourosh Harandizadeh – Project Assistant

Kourosh was helped into a career change after a change of circumstances. We’ve known him for years and appreciated his work ethic (and sense of humour). In addition to supporting some of our projects Kourosh spends time outside of work in a series of self-study courses to update his relevant business skills.

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