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Our Training DNA

Performance Workplace Development was founded in 2012 by Ian Crossley.

With over 25 years of experience in working with public, private, and third sector organisations, Ian has successfully developed and delivered training solutions while leading teams to accomplish ambitious objectives. Ian’s passion for working with people and organisations to unlock their potential and achieve performance growth led him to establish Performance Workplace Development and harness his training DNA.

Your DNA

Your organisation’s DNA is comprised of its unique objectives, history, culture, people, geography, and processes, which set it apart from others. At Performance Workplace Development, we believe that success is built on these foundations, and we work closely with you to ensure they are optimised for your success.

Our founder, Ian, is a master at listening, learning, observing and strategising to empower change within organisations. He possesses a deep understanding of commercial operations and knows that training must deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) to be effective. It’s this that makes Performance Workplace Development the go-to choice for businesses seeking customised training solutions that address their specific challenges.

What’s your colour energy?

Performance Workplace Development is a licensed partner for the internationally recognised psychometric tool Insights Discovery.

business insights graphBased on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, Insights Discovery uses a simple, yet highly effective four colour model to help individuals achieve greater self-awareness and awareness of others which will lead to breakthroughs in the success of your business.

Using this model your team will discover their individual colour DNA and learn how to draw on their four colour energies – sunshine yellow, earth green, cool blue and fiery red – to the benefit of themselves and the business.

Your team will gain a methodology that will empower them to develop a common language that will bring the team closer together, build morale, create greater efficiency and engagement and help in the development of leadership qualities, enabling the effective delivery of tasks and individual responsibilities.

Are you ready to discover the colour energies that make up your team’s unique colour energy DNA?

Meet the team
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Ian Crossley – Director

Ian has a wealth of experience delivering training and facilitating team growth across a number of areas.

A common theme in various roles over the years has been transferring skills and encouraging personal and team development. He’s enjoyed working with senior executives in Government and the private sector, and successfully contributed to the development of new supervisors and younger leaders.

Ian listens and adapts to different national and organisational cultures, and looks for ways in which increased understanding can result in positive change in individuals and teams. He also facilitates performance development among organisations in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Ian is involved in strategic leadership and oversight of two charities and previously led a volunteer street team working in the night time economy of his local city centre.  He relaxes best on the water indulging in his passion for sailing.

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Cindy Crossley – Associate Consultant

Cindy has worked for a number of charities in administrative and operational management roles.  These have covered Event Management, Fundraising Strategy, and Communications Strategy. Her current responsibilities include Operations, Team and HR Management, with a recent emphasis on the legal and cultural implications of GDPR in an international charity.  She is currently Chair of Trustees of a local charitable trust (a watersports based activity centre) and has been Chair of Governors of a local school in the past.  She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach utilising CliftonStrengths® (formerly StrengthsFinder) and enjoys helping people and teams discover where they excel and using that awareness to realise their potential.  Cindy works on an associate basis for Performance – Workplace Development.

Cindy enjoys playing piano/keyboard, singing in a community choir and creative pursuits such as patchwork quilting and knitting.  Family and friends are very important to her and she loves the times she spends with her two gorgeous grandsons.

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Abby Smith – Business Development Associate

Abby has over 20 years’ experience working in PR and Communications. She has worked with local and international organisations within the aviation, tourism and charity sectors as well as with overseas governments helping to promote their interests within the UK. Latterly, Abby has been working with smaller, founder-led organisations helping to champion their talent and create opportunities and collaborations that empower them to reach new audiences and deepen their knowledge as a business owner. Abby supports PWD with its business development and marketing. Her business acumen together with her understanding of the important role of communication and collaboration make her valuable asset to the team.

Abby enjoys an active life with her family taking full advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings that come with living on the South Coast of England.

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Sophia – Administrative Assistant

Sophia works part time for us while continuing her education. Her valuable contribution includes report production, email distribution, and keeping the necessary paperwork in order. The efficiency she contributes saves hours of our time and was amply expressed by another local business owner who said “I need a Sophia in my business.”