Leadership training

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Leadership mentoring
Developing leadership skills through mentoring

Leadership mentoring and development training help improve performance and better engage with employees to build and maintain morale.

Designed and structured to build confidence and drive innovation through the development of personal leadership skills, decision making, identifying organisational objectives and delegation, our customised leadership mentoring courses train better leaders to communicate, understand customers’ needs and better engage with employees, while setting an example, to effectively deliver organisational objectives as a team.

Goal setting
Motivate your employees the SMART way

Setting goals provides a long-term vision and short-term motivation, focusing attention and knowledge, and helps to better manage time and resources.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) goal setting and coaching enable your employees to bring structure to not only the workplace, but also their personal life. Our SMART goal training provides a platform in which to monitor and track goals and objectives. Enabling employees and teams to prioritise tasks, effective and trackable goal setting leads to the better management of time, and the execution of workplace and personal objectives and accountabilities.

Build a team with Insights
Increase productivity and performance through the understanding of individual values and unique contributions

Planned and structured Insights Discovery workshops help teams better understand the contributions and value each employee brings to the workplace. Our Insights facilitation provides an extremely thorough look or ‘insight’ into who each employee is, the way in which they work and their learning style. This enables individual employees and teams they work in to better understand how to communicate and build relationships.

Our structured Insights Discovery workshops help develop team building through collective contribution while enhancing interpersonal skills, with a goal of increasing performance, productivity and morale within the workplace.