Know your team

Personality assessment specialists
Our software allows you to learn about yourself and your colleagues

Insights Discovery takes your employees on a journey that empowers them and enables them to be more self-aware, leading to breakthroughs within the success of your business. We are expertly trained to deliver this in the most effective way possible and specialise in utilising this programme and its results to their fullest.

How Insights Discovery works

Successful businesses rely on successful relationships. Insights Discovery provides your employees with a methodology which promotes self-awareness and relationship building whilst helping to increase communication between teams through the application of psychometric tools.

Our Insights Discovery psychometric tools use a simple but very effective four-colour model. This four-colour model – Sunshine Yellow, Fiery Red, Earth Green and Cool Blue – enables employees to better understand different ways in which to communicate with each other in the workplace, understand their strengths, style of working and learning (both as individuals and in teams).  This promotes a better understanding of how and why people behave in certain ways.

How we use Insights Discovery to implement change

Everyone has their own unique style, strengths and differences. These all contribute hugely to a company’s culture…

Using people development tools such as Insights Discovery, based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, and our unique approach to business workplace strategy and change, we help your employees better apply themselves through a greater understanding of productivity, communication and effectiveness as individuals and in teams.

Through self-discovery of their own colour preferences, employees gain further understanding of the core areas that effect a successful business and how they can apply themselves individually to achieve organisational objectives.