Team Leader & Manager Development Programme

Concept: Three development workshop days spread over 6-8 weeks

Between workshops participants will be required to do a limited amount of job and
course related work, including discussions with their line manager. The engagement of
the course sponsor within the participants business is critical to ensuring that the
participant is given the time and drive to complete the work between workshops.
Workshops will be a mixture of theory, discussion, exercises and activities designed to
be engaging to the typical challenges facing team leaders and middle managers in any

Each workshop to run from 9:30-16:30, with a 45-minute lunch break and suitable midsession

Location can be on your premises or another suitable venue

To download this course outline for the
Team Leader – Manager Development Programme


Workshop Day 1 – Self Awareness

A Self-Awareness workshop based on Insights Discovery*, a leading personality profiling tool. Participants will receive a printed report (containing Foundation and Management chapters), a workshop journal and a set of the Insights soft coloured blocks.  They will discover more abut themselves, what energises them, and what they find more uncomfortable.  We’ll provide tips on how you might more effectively communicate with those who operate from different motivations.

*For in-house course we are also able to provide ColorPersona or CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) profiling tools

Workshop Day 2 – Developing Yourself as a Manager

Handling Difficult Conversations at Work

  • Introduction and Session Objectives
  • Difficult Conversation Subjects
  • What Makes a Conversation Difficult?
  • Common Mistakes in Handling Difficult Conversation
  • Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Understanding Effective Communication

  • The Functions of Body Language Within Communication

Communication Styles

  • Ego States – Transactional Analysis
  • The S.E.W Model for Giving Feedback
  • Activity: Putting It All Together

Working with Your Manager and Team

Doing Delegation Right

  • Understanding Delegation
  • Defining Delegation
  • Four Basic Steps to Delegation
  • Deciding What to Delegate
  • The Five Levels
  • Monitoring Delegation

Offering Feedback

  • The Ingredients of Good Feedback
  • Create an Action Plan

Workshop Day 3 – Developing Your Team Members

Coaching Skills

  • Why Coaching?
  • Benefits of Coaching
  • Uses for Coaching
  • Formal vs Informal
  • Directive vs Indirective

Questioning Techniques

  • Powerful Questioning

Three Levels of Listening

  • Active Listening Dos and Don’ts

The G-R-O-W Coaching Model

  • Start with the Goal
  • Defining the Goal
  • Examine the current Reality
  • Exploring the Reality: The Problem Frame
  • Explore the Options
  • Generating Options Using 6 Thinking Hats
  • Establish the Way forward
  • Your Turn

Creating Accountability

  • Key Characteristics
  • The Accountability Cycle
  • Ways to Increase Accountability
  • The Building Blocks
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Trust

Case Study

  • Questions
  • Accountability Starts with Me!

Structuring Expectations

Time Management Tools

  • Another Day at the Office
  • Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Eisenhower Matrix

Planning Tools

  • Guidelines for Efficient Planning
  • Microsoft Outlook and other tools