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Making organisational change (Top 10 Business Challenges)

The Insights Group surveyed several top companies and found that making organisational change was one of the top ten problems facing businesses today. So how does the Insights Discovery four-colour model help a business facing restructuring? Insights Discovery® uses a four colour model, comprised of Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow energies, to describe people’s strengths, styles and team contributions. The unique combination of these helps to determine why we each think and behave the way we do. Change. It’s not everybody’s favourite word or idea. For those of us who lead with Earth Green energy, in particular, it can be one of the things we fear the most. But change is inevitable and necessary. A famous quote commonly (yet disputably) attributed to Charles Darwin sums this up: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, …

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